About My Process

I consider myself an artist, rather than a photographer. When taking photos it is mainly for the purpose of collecting backgrounds and details for my Altered Reality compositions. While hunting down photo ops to use on a particular artwork, I will at times see a beautiful scene or object that catches my attention. I’ll take photographs of anything that interests me. When I get home and sort out the photos, some are for the composition I am working on, while certain photos I’ll keep for a possible future composition. Occasionally, however, I capture a photograph that tells its own story and needs no altering to be an excellent composition. These are the pictures offered as Photography on this website

While spending most of my time behind a camera and on the computer creating my Altered Reality compositions, I have a need to get my hands dirty on a regular basis. I love to work in a variety of media and I have all the equipment and supplies in my studio to do absolutely everything I love. The artwork featured here is the results of “getting away from the computer”. All of these items are one of a kind, hand-created. The available art will change throughout the year, depending on my whim. You may find ceramic pieces in stoneware or porcelain, hand dyed or batik silk scarves, stained glass objects, oil paintings and whatever else I’m in the mood to do. Check in on a regular basis to see what’s new.

If you are interested in having an Altered Reality artwork that features you and your animal family, I can create a custom piece of art especially for you. Click on the CUSTOM ART tab to get all the information you will need to determine what you would like me to do for you.

My Altered Reality compositions consist of, on average, 8-15 photographs. All photos used are my own. Since I was educated as a visual artist in a classical manner, I have a traditional way of working. I start my process by first dreaming up the idea and sketching it on drawing paper. This drawing may go through many variations until I get the composition and mood I’m trying to achieve. These revisions can take days, weeks or even years. I put it aside and then get it back out to rework it…never going for the quick solution.
<p style=”color: white;”>The next step is to take photographs of scenery and other elements that will be in the picture. I go by the sketch to determine what I need pictures of and at what angles, lighting, and other such details, but the composition on paper can change immensely, depending on what photos I am able to get. I have run into issues where I cannot get the photo I want of a particular animal or the lighting may be more exciting in my photo than what I envisioned on paper…and then the whole mood changes! Sometimes I have to wait for the right season of the year for my photos.</p>
<p style=”color: white;”>Each Altered Reality composition is the product of a pure love for art and an outrageous amount of hours.</p>
<p style=”color: white;”>If you are interested in having an Altered Reality artwork that features your animal family, I can create a custom piece of art especially for you. Click on the Custom Art tab to get more information</p>

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