Choosing a piece of art is a very personal experience.

It has to speak to you… If it is to become part of you and becomes a treasured part of your surroundings. What is more personal than having a piece of art that actually features you and your favorite horse? Your farm animals? Your fur babies? Whatever!

I create custom digital artworks. The compositions are a combination of multiple photographs and Photoshop magic, creating a scenario of Altered Reality. This gives me control to create any mood, any scene and any imaginable feat. It’s so much more fun than reality!

Here are a few samples of custom artwork I have created. Some clients are looking for a formal portrait with more realism than not, while others prefer the outrageous. What you want is personal to you and anything from one end to the other can be accomplished.

Notice the difference in the two compositions above although they use the same background called A Still Moment. The background actually does not exist. It is made up of a number of photographs to get the scene exactly the way I wanted it. Your artwork will be just as unique.

Persistence of Vision

Yes, this is the same model as in one of the A Still Moment compositions. I spent 2 hours on the farm call and was able to get enough variety of shots to create potentially 5 to 6 very different compositions. This client owns both of these artworks.

Among The Wolves

Among the Wolves is a composition that is available in both a day version and this night version. To give it a storybook quality I made the cape the client is wearing.


Heirarchy is a fun collection of animals from a family homestead. If you have a variety of animals, this may be a composition that you may like. Because of the dynamics of the animal combination, every tower of animals will look very different. Numerous photos were taken during this farm call, but only a selection of the animals were chosen for this composition.

Steps to create a custom work of art


  1. Look through the Altered Realty Gallery and choose a composition or two that peaks your interest.
  2. Email me with your questions, wishes and wants… we will start a conversation about styles, prices and logistics.
  3. Set up a date to have photos taken for the composition.
  4. Photo shoot. You will sign a model release and pay for the photo shoot, but will not be required to pay for the artwork until final approval. All expenses of the entire process will be determined at this point.
  5. Once the photos are accomplished, we will once again discuss the composition further to make sure you are getting exactly what will look best and hopefully be beyond your expectations.
  6. The composition will be worked on while keeping you informed of the progress. This is not a quick process.
  7. Final approval of the composition will be made. At this time you will need to decide the size of the artwork you would like.
  8. Final payment is due, then your artwork will be shipped to you.

 The custom art I make for you will be exclusively yours and not for sale to anyone else without your written permission.

 Everything except taking the necessary photos are accomplished in my studio at home in beautiful Northeast Ohio, near the Lake Erie shoreline.

 LOCAL FARM CALL: I charge $150 plus $1 a mile if over 40 miles of round trip travel. This provides 2 hours of set up and shooting. Anything over 2 hours will be an additional $60 per hour. This expense can be shared between clients at same location, same day.

DISTANT FARM CALL: Actual travel expenses plus travel time of $500 per day.

A THIRD OPTION: This one is perhaps a bit trickier, but do-able in some instances. If you have a professional photographer near you that is willing to sign a release to use their photographs for my custom artwork, then arrangements can be made with him or her. I will need to talk to your photographer to make sure s/he takes photos that will work for my composition. Consideration of lighting, angles, and position are important.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to take your own photos if you are not capable of taking professional quality shots. Snapshots taken with a cell phone, tablet or something other than a professional DSLR camera cannot be used since the pixel quality of the photos is of utmost importance to the outcome of the finished art.

My Online Digital Art Gallery

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