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The Artist in Chief

I expressed myself through art from a very early age, learning to use most every medium available. At nine years old, my father gave me a carving knife, which never left my side as we camped the Sierra Nevada wilderness many weekends throughout the year. At age 11, we moved to New Jersey and my interest turned to oil painting when I began lessons with the well-known artist Fredrick W. Reiniger. Throughout my years as an artist I have worked in ceramics, glass, watercolors, fiber arts and dyes, pastels, pencils, photography, and most every other media that comes to mind.

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[tek_testimonials tt_image_layout=”without-image” tt_autoplay=”auto_off” tt_content_align=”content-center”][tek_testimonials_single tt_heading=”Heirarchy” tt_quote=”“I absolutely love the imagination and composition. I love having my critter family immortalized for years to come”” tt_title=”Rachel J”][tek_testimonials_single tt_heading=”A Still Moment-AprilEnger” tt_quote=”“The artwork created by Nancy will be something my family and I treasure forever! She captured the bond between my daughter and her horse perfectly. The work has so much emotion and is just phenomenal!”” tt_title=”Dawn D”][tek_testimonials_single tt_heading=”Dana” tt_quote=”“Love that the pictures came with an extra 2” white border to be able to frame it as I wish. Framing is very personal and situational. I don’t see someone buying your art and accepting a standard frame.”” tt_title=”John C.”][/tek_testimonials]